With our Managed Cloud our clients can build their own custom solutions which addresses their own unique requirements in a secure, flexible and highly available environment.

We offer your business the use of powerful business infrastructure and software – without costly upfront investment and maintenance costs. Regardless of your size or budget, you can enjoy corporate-grade solutions that are fully maintained, always updated, reliable and consistently available

Managed Hosting

We offer a wide choice of managed hosting services and the flexibility to change your hosting set-up as you need to. From highly cost-effective basic hosting to the full control of placing your own servers right on our network backbone, we can cater for everything from a small brochure website to complex high-end online business and e-commerce applications

Managed Storage

We offer highly scalable, secure and cost-effective business storage solutions that makes it simple for you to store your data onsite or off-site. Our soutions make it possible for our clients to manage data storage flexibly, efficiently, securely and cost-effectively.

Managed Backup

Our Managed Backup solutions give you the reassurance that your business data is safely backed up and always accessible. Avoid the impact of data loss or disaster with tailored backup and storage solutions you can rely on, at affordable prices.

Managed Disaster Recovery

For your need to protect important business information, we have a fully-managed disaster recovery service, built on our hosted infrastructure platform; we replicate your data and systems for instant switch-over in the event of a disaster, ensuring business continuity.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

We help to equip your business with world-class software at affordable prices. We have the software installed. We maintain and manage it. We renew the licenses, do the upgrades and ensure that it is fully secured. You simply lease it from us – Ready to use as your own.

Hosted Mail and Messaging Services

Our hosted mail and messaging solutions give your business control over its communications. Your email and messaging is protected by high-level security. You can run a Microsoft® Hosted Exchange and SharePoint on our infrastructure to serve large numbers of users.

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